Imagine having a $1500 headstart to implement a proven social media marketing blueprint that'll fill your sales funnel with leads. See the game changing results we've already generated for others just like you. 

"We've done the numbers and on average we're getting 6 new clients a week thanks to Orbit."

John - Nepean Valley Pure Water

Nepean Valley Pure Water case study

  • Over 500 inquiries in 5 months
  • Over 120 new paying clients
  • ​Return on Ad Spend of over 15x

Targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram linked to a chatbot generated these massive results. The automated responses ensured consistent brand messaging and accurate information was supplied immediately to every inquiry which resulted in the higher conversion rates than normal. 

Orbit Marketing took care of all of this while the client was able to get on with running the business.

Imagine having a consistent flow of high quality sales leads, without the massive cost of a team of sales reps or an in-house marketing team. That’s the mind-blowing reality of a done-for-you advertising campaign with Orbit Marketing.

  • Your inbox filled with messages
  • Quality leads ready to buy
  • Open, honest communication
  • Stress free done-for-you campaigns so you can get on with running your business

An Orbit Marketing Campaign is right for you if…

  • You need more leads and sales in your business
  • You’ve tried Facebook ads before with no luck
  • ​You’re tired of struggling with Business Manager, copywriting, graphic design, targeting, disapproved ads… the list goes on and on
  • ​You just want someone to make it work! 

What's included in an Orbit Campaign?

When you work with us you get a 100% Done For You campaign designed to position you and your business as an authority in your field, build engaged marketing lists and turn those lists into paying clients desperate to do buiness with you! Well, desperate may be overstating it just a tad... but they'll be eager to pay for your product or service. All you have to do is blow them away with your service so they become raving fans and tell all their friends and family! 

Orbit campaigns include...

  • A comprehensive and documented strategy so there are goals, success metrics and a roadmap for how to achieve them.
  • ​We work with you to create irresistible offers that convert like crazy without compromising your brand integrity (there's a science to it!)
  • ​Set up of your Facebook Business Manager so you're fully compliant and have access to all the Facebook and Instagram marketing tools.
  • ​ Detailed audience research and set up of interest based and custom audiences to make sure we find your ideal customer.
  • ​Professional copywriting so your message is on brand, engaging and persuasive.
  • ​Graphic design to ensuring people stop scrolling when they see your ads.
  • ​Ads across Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn to reach as many sets of eyeballs in your target audience as possible.
  • ​Rigorous split testing of every element of your campaign to ensure it's properly optimised, maximising your return on as spend (ROAS).
  • ​Retargeting ads to make sure the maximum number of people are added to your sales funnel and to build engaged marketing lists.
  • ​Lead nurturing using email, SMS and Messenger to convert as many leads as possible into paying clients.
  • ​Personalised reporting dashboard so you have full transparency for your campaign.
  • ​Dedicated account manager to ensure there is always someone to answer your questions. 

Here are some other’s we’ve helped...

Vision Personal Training

  • 4 week campaign
  • $19,000 in new client sales

Sydney Tree and Stump

  • 5 week campaign
  • $30,000 in direct sales

"Thank you so much, Simon, my friend, we're ok now, and it's all because of you. The campaign is going very, very, very well, and we'd like to continue because we're grateful for all the customers you're getting us."

Who is Orbit Marketing?

Orbit Marketing is a pocket rocket digital marketing agency!
We're driven by the desire to give small and medium sizes businesses the kind of professional and effective social media marketing that's normally only affordable to the big end of town. 

Don't get us wrong, we like making money just s much as the big guys, but that tends to take care of itself when we launch our client's campaigns into Orbit! (see what we did there!)

When you work with us you're working with an agency that follows Facebook best practice, ManyChat Messenger Marketing Experts and Podium certified Partners. You're also helping support Penrith Community Kitchen and Pink Up Penrith (an initiative of the McGrath Foundation) our preferred charity partners. 

Meet the team

Simon - Steerer of the ship, builder of bots, motorcycle addict. 

As a degree qualified marketer with 15 years in advertising and marketing, Simon is the one who oversees all our campaign strategy. He's a funnel hacker, data nerd and lives for the challenge of cracking the toughest online funnels. 

Jo -Big Bold Boss Lady, System Superintendent, Shoe Collector

With an impressive CV including big guns like TOLL, UPS and Calendar club, Jo is a systems guru who is happiest buried in processes! She's our GM and the person who keeps things happening when and how they should. 

Amanda - Creator of the Impossimpable, Customer Care Commander, Super Shopper!

After 18 years in the advertising industry with behemoths like News Corp and Fairfax, Amanda combines corporate stricture with genuine customer care. She treats every client's business like it was her own and is the window that gives our clients 100% transparency. She's also really fun! 

Imee - Facebook Ads Ninja, Campaign Creator, Mountain Climber

Facebook Ads™ are a dark art, and Imee is a Ninja! From audience research, to campaign set up, split testing, optimisation and scaling Imee has Facebook ads sussed! She's the reason our ads produce the results they do and keep producing them! 

So, what are you waiting for? Say yes to a free 30 minute social media marketing audit and see the unfair advantage with your own eyes.

Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe! 

Take the guesswork out of it,
and let us answer a few of those FAQs! 

Q. What sort of businesses does this work for? 

Answer: Yours! And to have read this far, I imagine that you might be questioning the referrals you have come to rely on. We work with any business that has identified a need to generate high-quality sales leads. 
Q. What if I haven't done online ads before?  
Persistence is key. It may take longer to see a return, and it will require a commitment to developing the data, assets and brand affinity needed to generate great leads. But don't be discouraged. If we keep at it and put in the hard work, you'll soon see progress and reap the quality leads! 
Q. What if we tried this before and it didn't work? 
Well, then you haven't tried it our way! Our testimonials speak for themselves. We know lead-generation.

There are very few campaigns that can't be optimised to give a positive return. We'll do an audit on your previous ads and identify any bottlenecks or friction points. If we don't believe we can help, we'll tell you, no BS.

Q. I don't have a huge budget. Can I still do Facebook™ ads and messenger marketing? 
Yes. Of course.  

If you have a small budget, don't panic. Common thinking is that building a marketing campaign is capital intensive, but that doesn't have to be the case. While results will be in line with your budget, you can actually get great results just by targeting a small geographic area.  
Q. I've heard of businesses having their page taken over by the agency. How can I be protected? 
We know that the idea of sharing control can be a sweaty-palm-inducing prospect. After all, it's your business. But, we are here to help, and in doing so, we always follow Facebook™ best practice.

From the get-go, we ensure that we get added to your Business Manager account as a partner; this means that you have complete control of your page and your advertising account. And you own all the data that is collected.

If you don't have a Business Manager account (they're free, by the way), we'll walk you through the process of setting one up, step by step. You are fully protected.  

Q. I heard of someone who got a huge bill on their credit card from their ads. I'm worried if that happens.  
First and foremost, we will always agree on a set budget with you. We do this upfront, and if necessary, can re-evaluate periodically. And, in all honesty, there is no need to be worried. We are using your ad account; this means that you see every transaction that takes place. Plus, we will send you detailed monthly reports. 
Q. I can see the data in my ad account but I don't know what it means.  
Great question! This data is gold and you need to understand it. We'll help you understand which are the key performance metrics for your specific campaign, how to interpret them and how we use them to optimise your campaign.  
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INCOME DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are genuine sales figures from our client results. Results are not typical. We are not implying that you will be able to duplicate these results and are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors...including but not limited to your brand, offer, service quality and persistence. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action.